Our Upcoming Events

Romania Business & Leadership Conferences – Postponed until later this year

We regret that we have to postpone the Business & Leadership Conferences in Galati, Baru, and Cluj-Napoca for later this year, during the fall season, and hope you will join us at that time! We will have a special day planned in each location of inspirational teaching on leadership development, business strategy, and building influence. We will post details as soon as we have these events planned.

Conference Dates and Locations:

March 28, 2020 at Str. Morilor, nr 162, Galati

April 1, 2020 at the Casa de Cultura, Baru

April 4, 2020 at The Office, Bd 21 Decembrie 1989, Cluj-Napoca

See you in Galati, Baru, or Cluj-Napoca later this year!

Jeremy Leaman
Founder & Director, MetaGrowth Consulting