Jeremy Leaman is the founder and director of MetaGrowth Consulting, a business dedicated to supporting business owners and leaders in the US and Romania. Jeremy is convinced that every business has a great story behind it and holds valuable lessons that will challenge and inspire other business owners and their teams.  

Jeremy and MetaGrowth Consulting place a high value on creating face-to-face learning opportunities, building long-term mentoring and coaching relationships, and encouraging leaders to not only persevere through trials, but also celebrate victories. 

Jeremy loves people and enthusiastically invests significant time and energy in developing great relationships with his clients. He’s a great story teller and has the gift of taking routine activities and turning them into valuable life lessons.

“As we grow as leaders by listening to and learning from each other, we will have more to invest into our teams and their growth as individuals, team members, and leaders in their own right.  You can inspire me to become a better leader, I can inspire you, and together, we can inspire our teams.  Let’s get better together!”